“Story Brainstorming Sheets To Get Your Story in Order”



Dear Friend, 

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you have difficulty with brainstorming your story ideas, keeping up with them and you WANT to solve it fast. 

I don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long sales letter. Let’s get down to the point shall we? I KNOW how to solve your problem of ideas plastered all over post-it notes because that's been my method. 

So, I created a PRACTICAL and FEASIBLE solution to solve this issue. 

The Ultimate Story Brainstorming Sheets!

This kit contains 25 printable sheets you can use to brainstorm your ideas. No more post-it notes or scraps of paper. These print out beautifully AND you can put them in a binder to keep them nice and organized.

The best part is, you can print them whenever you need to brainstorm new story ideas, new characters, new locations, etc.

Just look at the list of pages you get:

  1. Story Idea Brainstorming Sheet 
  2. Character Brainstorming Sheets (Main, Secondary and Minor)
  3. Character Traits Brainstorming Sheet
  4. Character Arc Brainstorming Sheet
  5. Character Journal Sheet
  6. Romance Characters Brainstorming Sheet
  7. Premise Brainstorming Sheet
  8. Locations Brainstorming Sheet
  9. Settings Brainstorming Sheet
  10. Major Story Elements Brainstorming Sheet
  11. Plot Twists Brainstorming Sheet
  12. 3 Act Structure Brainstorming Sheet
  13. Blurb Brainstorming Sheet
  14. Criticial Moments Brainstorming Sheets
  15. Mystery and Suspense Brainstorming Sheets (Suspects, Clues, Alibis, Red Herrings)
Preview of content:

After piecing all of these sheets together, the result is: 

Story Brainstorming Kit

 Print these awesome story brainstorming sheets as often as you need and get your ideas more organized!


  • Brainstorm story ideas and pick the best one

  • Brainstorm character traits, settings, locations 

  • Brainstorm the major events 

  • Brainstorm the character arc so you can weave it into your story

Your Purchase Is 100% Protected 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that these sheets will make story brainstorming fun and easy that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

And Then There’s More… 

Tell you what. If you purchase the Story Brainstorming Kit now, I’ll throw in some USEFUL bonuses (that I have personally created) that complement these brainstorming sheets and help you dig deeper. 

Character Workshop 

My personal character creation sheets! These will help you 

  • Learn more about your character

  • Fully flesh him/her out

  • Get inside their head

  • Discover what makes them tick

Plus, a surprise extra I think you'll enjoy! 

The value I’m offering you today for my Story Brainstorming Kit along with all the bonuses is really a no-brainer. They can easily cost $37 or more. But if you purchase today, you only need to come up with a fraction of that price – which I’m sure you’d agree is still a steal. 

So go ahead and Buy Now button below now to grab your brainstorming kit for $17 $10


Patti Stafford